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Multiwinia being readied for summer

Flattening abs, shaping bottom.

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Introversion has said that Multiwinia looks set for a summer 2008 release.

The independent developer spilled its beans to Pat's Internet Diary (also known as videogaming247 or VG247 if you are trendy), and said it was planning a big update soon.

"I'd hesitate saying a month," said the Introversion spokesperson, hesitantly. "But you're more than welcome to say it's going to be out in the summer of 2008.

"We've got some announcements about Multiwinia as well, which we're going to make about April-May time, when we get the website up and running."

Multiwinia is an aggressive and perhaps anti-social update to Darwinia that lets you fight co-operatively or on your own against up to three of your chums.

It also features the traditional single-player campaign of old, along with a couple of new game modes and a haircut and shave for DirectX 10 technology.

Darwinia is a real-time strategy game inspired by the world of Tron and crude polygonal graphics, culminating in a niche-chic charm all of its own.

It was released digitally in 2005 to wide critical acclaim, and looks likely to be given a Live Arcade outing at some point in the future.

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