Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest

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Prison Architect earns $19m from 1.25m sales - but what's next?

"The next game we make will not be about prisons..."

Introversion: what happened to Subversion

And more details on Prison Architect.

FeatureIndependence Day

Introversion opens on Microsoft, Subversion, Darwinia+ and more.

Darwinia+ out "next side of Christmas"

Introversion's tale of frustration.

Introversion is on the up, says Delay

But studio "considered closing up for good".

Introversion: "2008 was disastrous year"

"The first major problem was Microsoft."

Multiwinia multiplayer demo available

Play full online games.

Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest

Introversion gem due soon.

Darwinia coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Will be bundled with the new sequel.

Multiwinia being readied for summer

Flattening abs, shaping bottom.


Chris Delay gets over his introversion and talks.

Multiwinia announced for PC

Multiplayer Darwinia in 2008.