Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest

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Prison Architect earns $19m from 1.25m sales - but what's next?

Prison Architect earns $19m from 1.25m sales - but what's next?

"The next game we make will not be about prisons..."

Prison Architect, the game that saved Introversion, did so in spectacular style: to date it has earned more than $19m from over 1.25m sales.

That $19m (and something) figure is accurate as of around 1.30pm (BST) Saturday, 26th September, which is when Introversion founding director Mark Morris shows me it on his phone in some sort of data-tracking app.

The 1.25m sales milestone is mentioned a few times during our interview.

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Independence Day

Introversion opens on Microsoft, Subversion, Darwinia+ and more.

Once The Last of the Bedroom Programmers, the Robin Hood of Independent Forest, the David to the industry's Goliath, the [that's enough metaphor - Ed], Introversion nowadays finds itself beavering away on an Xbox Live Arcade version of Darwinia+. It's quite the transformation for a tiny studio that won the Independent Games Festival's grand prize a few years ago and celebrated by sticking two fingers up to publishers. Following the developer's turn at Eurogamer Expo 2009, we spoke to managing director Mark Morris to get the whole story.

Darwinia+ out "next side of Christmas"

Introversion's tale of frustration.

Introversion's Mark Morris and Chris Delay told the Eurogamer Expo this week that Darwinia+ will be submitted to Xbox Live Arcade certification in "the next few weeks", with a likely release "the next side of Christmas".

Introversion is on the up, says Delay

But studio "considered closing up for good".

Introversion's playmaker Chris Delay has revealed that his celebrated indie studio was "almost dead" after a "disastrous" 2008 - but is now "back on the ascendancy".

Multiwinia multiplayer demo available

Play full online games.

Introversion has finally popped a multiplayer demo of Multiwinia onto the internet. And this makes sense, seeing as battling each other is more or less the whole point of the new game.

Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest

We're living in the age of blockbuster bloat. Enormous lumbering AAA franchises gobble up multi-million dollar budgets so they can woo us with talk of sequels and spin-offs that are bigger, shinier, more, more, more. "Come and play Grumpy Space Marine Guy 4!" they beckon. "Not only can you shoot an enemy's limbs off, but the new Surgi-Cam feature lets you zoom into individual spurting veins and control miniature nuclear nanobots directly into their heart for the ultimate finishing move!"

"That's nothing!" counter the people behind Urban Ruffian VI: Crime Of Your Life. "Our gameworld is larger than Brazil, and features PiddleX technology. Your character has a fully working 9000 polygon bladder, and if you fail to wash your hands after going wee-wee virtual germs will stay on your fingers and make you sick next time you eat something, which you bought from our real-time microtransaction online snack bars, owned by a character who is voiced by Spike from Buffy even though he's only in the game for ten seconds."

"Excuse us," pipes up a quiet voice at the back. "But we've made a sequel to our cult hit Darwinia and it's actually even more simplified than the already stripped-down original. And the characters are flat pixel stick men. And they can't speak because they don't have faces."

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Chris Delay gets over his introversion and talks.

If you're of that particular mindset, Introversion are the closest the 00s have to a genuine underground heroes. Its story is a dramatic one.

Multiwinia announced for PC

Multiwinia announced for PC

Multiplayer Darwinia in 2008.

Introversion has confirmed it is creating a multiplayer version of Darwinia, which will be released as a standalone game on PC sometime in 2008.

Multiwinia will let you take control of massive Tron-inspired armies, and then direct them co-operatively or competitively against your friends. Or people you hate, we don't mind.

The traditional single-player game is also included, in addition to new separate game modes and unique levels.

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