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Eve Online could last 50 years

Also: first details on CCP's next.

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CCP's Reynir Hadarson has told videogaming247 that he doesn't see why the Icelandic company's space-trading MMO, Eve Online, shouldn't run for half a century.

Asked if Eve Online could still achieve new things, he said "Absolutely, we will just keep building on top of it. MMOs do not have to age. The nature of a game like Eve is that there is no need for sequels - why shouldn’t it run for fifty years?"

CCP recently released the 'Trinity' update for Eve, which offers an optional update to the graphics engine, as well as new content for the game.

Hadarson also spoke a little about World of Darkness, which is to be CCP's second MMO. It's being developed at a new, second studio in Atlanta, and is based on the contemporary vampire universe of the pen-and-paper role-playing game created by White Wolf. CCP and White Wolf merged in 2006.

Hadarson said the game would "be as real as it can be", and follow Eve's footsteps in creating a simulated real-world economy. "The key is human interaction," he said. "World of Darkness shares that vision."

He also said that the game would be as much of a leap of ambition as Eve was when it launched.

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