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GTA online multiplayer exclusive to 360?

Xbox boss Don Mattrick says things.

Microsoft Entertainment boss Don Mattrick has given everyone the impression that online multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto IV will be exclusive to Xbox 360.

His comments came during a a podcast with MS community face Major "Larry Hryb" Nelson about the line-up of games for 2008 and what makes it special.

"[GTA IV] is an amazing piece of software and I'm really excited with its downloadable content and online multiplayer support. Again, that's something that's unique to 360," said Mattrick.

"We think consumers are going to love that and it's going to create, what I would describe again as the premium experience on our platform."

But hold your horses; the "we think" part of his statement was said in very close proximity to both the preceding and following sentences. Does he think it will be exclusive or does he think you will love it? Or was he confusing himself by repeating the exclusive DLC line but tangling it up with the multiplayer statement?

And if he is to be taken at face value, why's he saying it in a podcast?

Update: Don Mattrick gave supporting evidence to msnbc in December last year. This time it is a little clearer.

"We're excited about Grand Theft Auto [IV], not only because it's a great title, but there's multi-play and downloadable content that consumers will only be able to get on 360," Mattrick told msbnc.

"That's a huge win. Arguably that title has the potential to be the Halo equivalent in calendar year 2008 in terms of number-one title revenue unit."

All good questions for Rockstar, although those guys are far too lifestyle to be in the office at 8.30 so we'll have to call later.

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