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XNA game demos on Live

Creativity on offer. Lovely.

Microsoft has added all of the XNA-created games it was boasting about last night to Xbox Live Marketplace.

To play them you will need the free XNA Creators Club Game Launcher, which we found by going to the Games Library blade, then to the Game Store, then by scrolling down to X and using our eyes.

Once you have the Launcher, just pop back to the Games Library blade, then into My Games, then go right a couple of tabs to the XNA Creators Club heading and start downloading.

In there are several new games: Culture, JellyCar, Little Gamers, ProximityHD, Rocketball and The Dishwasher. You can find screenshots of them all in our helpful gallery.

Unfortunately all are time limited and will be unplayable after 16 days time - once you've begun playing, we think.

The Dishwasher was our early favourite, and is a side-scrolling hackandslash with a confusing amount of moves and plenty of gore.

Which is your favourite, Eurogamer reader?