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Sony coy on Home game integration

Treats for Resistance and Uncharted?

Sony has declined to comment on suggestions it is encouraging first-party developers to add PlayStation Home integration to their games.

Fresh speculation was kicked up by Kotaku, which "learned" that Uncharted, Warhawk and Resistance would be given some rather fancy content.

According to the US blog, Uncharted will be gifted a side-scrolling arcade game described as a cross between Contra and Out of this World.

You will also be able to have a look around game levels as your avatar, which is something you can apparently do in Resistance: Fall of Man, too.

Specifically, Resistance will offer some sort of room hub that you can explore where can wander around the game world or flesh out the story by listening to intercepted radio transmissions between European and US forces.

Apparently Warhawk will also feature a lobby area known as a war room, where you can meet with friends, set up and launch battles. Furthermore, developer Incognito is putting a to-scale strategical map table in the middle of the room, where you can plan out your strategies like a real life army person with a loud face.

We already knew Warhawk was going to be include Home functionality, thanks to patch 1.3 notes from director Dylan Jobe earlier this month. But the map is new to us. And exciting.

PlayStation Home is currently in beta and has just undergone a batch of meaty changes. You can see these on YouTube.

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