Warhawk PSone free with Starhawk Online Network pass

Emulation work finished in time for PS3 exclusive's launch.

Report - Warhawk 2 details leaked

PS3 sequel rumoured for 2012 release.

Warhawk dev talks PlayStation project

Starhawk reveal incoming?

Sony details Sept/Oct PS Plus content

Warhawk! Ratchet! SSFIIHDR! Fish tank.

Sony trademarks Starhawk name

"Warhawk in space" evidence mounts.

Warhawk area for Home this week

Command Centre offers battle planning.

EndWar and Mirror's Edge on PSN

Demos of those, and add-ons for others.

Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Plus: Warhawk combo pack, Haze DLC.

Another free update for Warhawk soon

Trophies, training tutorials, paint jobs.

Warhawk Trophy patch dated, detailed

27th August according to pulled item.

PlayStation Store covered in E3 goodies

Fatal Inertia EX, Warhawk patch, videos.

Warhawk Combo pack on its way

Like a KFC variety meal with explosions.

Second Warhawk expansion dated

Plus new patch today.

Second Warhawk expansion in April

Plus fresh DLC before that.

Sony coy on Home game integration

Treats for Resistance and Uncharted?

Warhawk enters PlayStation Home

Patch 1.3 to add other new stuff, too.

Warhawk booster before Xmas

Sony reassures Euro fans.

Warhawk expansion in Dec

A whole new world.

WarHawk patched

Stat and connectivity fixes.

Feature | PS3: 12 Games of Christmas

Tumbling down the chimney.

Warhawk gets more new bits

Fresh maps, server options, etc.

Warhawk gets patched up

Anti-cheater police introduced.

Review | WarHawk

It's a battlefield out there.

PSN WarHawk tied to account

Not signed-in, not playing.

Sony dates key titles

Heavenly Sword, WarHawk.

WarHawk Euro date still TBC

But US get official details.


Rich goes hands-on with the beta - and likes it.

Public beta for WarHawk

Date undecided for Europe.

Sony clarifies PS3 game dates

Semi-official blog not quite right.

WarHawk now download-only

Sony does u-turn.

WarHawk on Blu-ray after all

Not just a download game.


Tilt and tumble.

WarHawk dev knew about tilt

For a while, says Sony man.


E3: We use the tilt controller and quiz Incog's Dylan Jobe about it.