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Warhawk gets patched up

Anti-cheater police introduced.

Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe has said two patches to improve game performance are currently being worked on.

He also vented his frustration at "stat-padders" and "griefers" on the official US PlayStation blog, and promised behaviour like that would no longer be tolerated. (We think he meant in the game though, rather than on the blog.)

To help enforce this, Jobe revealed that new "Warhawk Arbiters" would be picked from the community in the US and Europe to make sure you are not being naughty both in and out of game. If you are, then you could find yourself kicked from forums, or kicked from games, or have your statistics wiped, or be beaten up in the Ministry of Love until you betray Judith.

Arbiters will be picked secretly and their identities kept under wraps until you least suspect it.

Patch v1.1 is in testing at the moment and should be live before the end of October all over the world. The biggest changes are stability improvements both server and client side, which should make a world of difference to the statistical and connection issues you lot have been reporting. You will also be pleased to hear that the maximum clan size has been doubled to 64.

Details on patch version 1.2 are expected soon.

Warhawk is an online multiplayer game for the PlayStation Network, and one we thoroughly enjoyed. Pop over to our Warhawk review to find out what you are missing.

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