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Warhawk Combo pack on its way

Like a KFC variety meal with explosions.

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Sony has just dropped us an email announcing a Warhawk Combo pack, due to arrive on PSN in the not-too-distant future.

The pack, which will consist of both the Omega Dawn and Operation Broken Mirror expansions, will be priced at a very modest GBP 4.99, a healthy reduction from the GBP 3.99 charged for each individually on release.

Operation Broken Mirror introduced snowy landscapes and the shield-generating APC vehicle, and is generally regarded as a valuable addition, helping earn a very respectable 8/10.

Conversely, Omega Dawn, the first expansion on the scene, was something of a disappointment. Its dropship, -in complete agreement with Tom's feelings on dropships in general - was a bit rubbish and the sole new level which it included considered a floppy let-down.

You can't argue with the price, however, because prices are technically abstract concepts without the capacity for logical thought, let alone the ability to construct meaningful arguments.

The exact date is still in stealth mode, presumably hovering around behind us somewhere, charging up some kind of super-weapon to gank us with when it's good and ready.

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