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Report - Warhawk 2 details leaked

PS3 sequel rumoured for 2012 release.

Warhawk 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 3 with a 2012 launch rumoured, according to a new report.

Just Push Start has claimed that Sony recently invited a selection of players of the 2007 PlayStation 3 original to take a look at an early build of the sequel.

A few scraps of gameplay information has since seeped out of that showcase. Apparently the title will feature a story mode and full co-op. There will be online multiplayer support for up 32 players over 25 maps.

Players will supposedly be able to build bunkers for themselves, though they can destroyed by the enemy, while improvements have been made to the combat system, camera and graphics engine too.

All this shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Developer Lightbox Interactive teased a new project earlier this year. That game was thought to be called Starhawk judging by a trademark filing, though it now seems the developer has switched to the less ambiguous Warhawk 2.

"Keeping the new game under wraps for this long is tough, and very hard on our fans. But will be worth it all in the end!!" Tweeted President Dylan Jobe.

The original Warhawk launched on PSone back in 1995. The franchise was then rebooted for PlayStation 3 in 2007, scoring 8/10 from Eurogamer's Richard Leadbetter.