Warhawk Operation: Omega Dawn

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Sony trademarks Starhawk name

"Warhawk in space" evidence mounts.

Sony America has trademarked the name "Starhawk", adding weight to rumours that Warhawk creator Dylan Jobe's newly-formed LightBox Interactive studio is taking the series into space.

Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Plus: Warhawk combo pack, Haze DLC.

Sony will stuff more content onto the PS3 Store today, lead by a demo for exciting quad-bike racer Pure.

The PSN Store is yet to be updated, but PS3gen is claiming to have a heads up on content.

There's another sampler for NHL 2K9 - although the game should be as top-notch as always - plus a Destruction add-on pack for Haze, which costs EUR 4.99 (GBP price coming soon).

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Warhawk Trophy patch dated, detailed

Warhawk Trophy patch dated, detailed

27th August according to pulled item.

Sony Europe has said that the Warhawk 1.5 patch introducing Trophy support will be released on 27th August.

Trophies will be divided into four groups. Some will encourage community-building, while others will reward you for feats in particular game modes or with specific weapons and vehicles.

Unlike Uncharted, some Trophies will also unlock retroactively.

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Warhawk Combo pack on its way

Like a KFC variety meal with explosions.

Sony has just dropped us an email announcing a Warhawk Combo pack, due to arrive on PSN in the not-too-distant future.

Second Warhawk expansion in April

Second Warhawk expansion in April

Plus fresh DLC before that.

Sony plans to unleash the second Warhawk expansion pack, Operation Broken Mirror, in April.

It will cost GBP 3.99 and feature a Personnel Carrier plus seven arenas in the Vaporfield Glacier.

These snowy maps are based around a Eucadian research facility infiltrated by Chernovan spies. The white-blanketed rooftops of the town will be split up to cater for large and small battles.

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Warhawk: Operation Omega Dawn

After Super Stardust HD and the astonishing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Incognito Inc's Warhawk was probably my favourite PS3 title of 2007. Sure, it's little more than a arcade-style console reworking of the classic Battlefield with a fantasy sci-fi skin, but its combination of excellent visuals, refined gameplay and support for up to 32 players made it feel fresh and new on console; not necessarily better, but certainly a step removed from the best that Xbox Live has to offer, and as such, a pretty compelling purchase at the value-rific GBP 19.99 price point.

However, despite its many game modes and map variations, the bottom line is that Warhawk is fairly content-lite, with just a small smattering of vehicles and five different levels. Things have certainly improved since the game's original release though, thanks mostly to the recent 1.2 patch which added DualShock 3 support, cleaned up a few exploits, improved clan support and boosted server filtering options. That the game is still being played religiously by a large userbase is testament to the quality of the gameplay on offer, but the recent debut of the Operation Omega Dawn expansion pack is certainly timely - if only to get you back to the console and remind you just how good Warhawk is.

However, anyone downloading Operation Omega Dawn expecting a radical improvement to the core game is in line for a disappointment, as the bottom line is that all you're getting is a new vehicle that is of limited use, and an additional gameplay arena that's nowhere near as good as any of the five levels in the original release.

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Toy Home on PAL PSN

And Populous PSone.

Spare a thought for poor old Sony, still slaving away over the hobs of Internet-based file distribution, brow moist with the grimy sweat of a hundred peeled videogame trailers, arms caked with the grease of the fires of user verification wrappers, breath shallow with the [get on with it - Ed] - and all so we can play Toy Home (GBP 4.99) and the PSone's Populous: The Beginning (GBP 3.49).

More Warhawk packs likely

As long as you want them.

Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe says Incog will continue to make booster packs like Operation: Omega Dawn for as long as there's interest in them.

Warhawk expansion dated

Warhawk expansion dated

Out next week. Priced, too.

Sony has been in touch to say that Warhawk expansion pack Operation Omega Dawn will be released on PlayStation Network next Thursday, 20th December.

The pack will cost GBP 3.99. It's set to cost USD 7.99 in North America.

Omega Dawn brings with it five new night-time maps, good for all the usual game-types, and a KT-424 Combat Dropship which can transport seven soldiers as well as a vehicle and pilot.

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