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More Warhawk packs likely

As long as you want them.

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Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe says Incog will continue to make booster packs like Operation: Omega Dawn for as long as there's interest in them.

The booster pack launches tomorrow on PlayStation Network - priced GBP 3.99 / USD 7.99 - introduces five new night-time maps and a KT-424 Combat Dropship.

Asked on the Sony US blog how long Incog would support the game, Jobe said he wasn't sure. "As long as there is a market for it I think we should continue to develop them," he said.

He also said that free ground troop stuff is "in the works", and dropped a couple of other hints about what might be in patch 1.3.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves - patch 1.2 should be live today (it was scheduled for 10am GMT) ahead of tomorrow's Omega Dawn launch, although game servers will be offline until 4pm GMT today for upgrades.

At this point, the support Sony's internal and second party studios continue to inject into existing PS3 titles is becoming something of a trademark of PSN - with Folklore and particularly MotorStorm among the games whose tails have been wagging furiously with downloadable content since release.

For more on Omega Dawn, check out our Warhawk Operation: Omega Dawn gamepage, where you will find screenshots and a trailer.

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