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Warhawk expansion dated

Out next week. Priced, too.

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Sony has been in touch to say that Warhawk expansion pack Operation Omega Dawn will be released on PlayStation Network next Thursday, 20th December.

The pack will cost GBP 3.99. It's set to cost USD 7.99 in North America.

Omega Dawn brings with it five new night-time maps, good for all the usual game-types, and a KT-424 Combat Dropship which can transport seven soldiers as well as a vehicle and pilot.

The full Warhawk - released on PSN in August and on Blu-ray in September - is a multiplayer third-person shooter where you can use planes, tanks, jeeps and your feet to kill each other.

We really liked it, and judging by the gamepage you were a bit partial yourselves, voting it up to an average of 8.4/10.

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