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PSN WarHawk tied to account

Not signed-in, not playing.

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Sony has issued a statement clearing up its latest announcement that downloadable versions of WarHawk will be tied like a lasso to your PlayStation Network account, so only the owner of the game will be able to play it.

The rule has been put in place to maintain the integrity of the free online service, which will also let you download the game on up to five other PS3 consoles. But if you do decide to show it off at your friend's house, bear in mind you won't be able to play it on another PS3 for 24 hours.

WarHawk is due for release tomorrow on the PlayStation Network, lifting-off at GBP 19.99.

But on the bright side of life is news that account-tying won't affect the Blu-ray version that launches slightly later on 21st September.

Head over to our WarHawk gamepage to see why this could be the most essential PSN purchase of 2007.

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