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Video: Do you want to see Alien: Isolation's Blade Runner easter egg?

If not, don't click on this link!

A recent Eurogamer editorial meeting segued naturally into a Eurogamer editorial pizza, a Eurogamer editorial karaoke session (you've got to hear Tom Phillips' a capella rendition of the Mario Bros theme, never mind John Bedford Sings The Wurzels) and a sequence of Eurogamer editorial nightcaps that ended, in one of Brighton's least atmospheric hotel bars during the wee small hours, with Martin Robinson claiming loudly that Alien and Blade Runner were kind of rubbish and that Prometheus was an underrated sci-fi classic. Somehow, he still has our friendship and respect. You have to forgive Martin his little mood swings.

Anyway, it's safe to say that most of us don't agree - and nor do the devs just down the road at The Creative Assembly, who have delivered the first Alien game in an age to do justice to the iconic monster movie. (Check out Dan's Alien: Isolation review to find out more, but in summary: it's good.) Right from the fuzzy VHS head-tracking of the 20th Century Fox logo at the start, this game is dripping in nostalgic fan service too, and there's a particularly nice and subtle Blade Runner easter egg in there for fans of Ridley Scott's good movies.

If you want to find it for yourself, look away now, but otherwise, let Ian show you what it is and where to find it in the video below. (And also something else which he should really keep private.)

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