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Xeodrifter merges Metroid, Mutant Mudds and Moon

Debut trailer shows off Renegade Kid's upcoming 3DS offering.

Mutant Mudds and Moon developer Renegade Kid has revealed the first gameplay of its upcoming Metroidvania adventure Xeodrifter.

An upcoming 3DS-exclusive, Xeodrifter combines Mutant Mudd's blocky retro graphics and foreground/background hopping with Metroid's organic alien aesthetic. It was initially conceived as a de-make of the developer's DS first-person shooter Moon - which has since been remade episodically on 3DS as Moon Chronicles - but has since been expanded upon to become its own beast.

Xeodrifter follows the adventures of a wayfaring astronaut in need of repairing his warp core by mining materials from nearby planets. In true Metroid form, these unknown worlds are full of hostile monsters, ancient civilizations and mysterious powers. As such, it doesn't sound like the most original game in the world, but as we saw with Mutant Mudds, originality is overrated.

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