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Renegade Kid's FPS Moon to receive episodic 3DS remake

UPDATE: And here's how it looks in motion.

UPDATE 07/02/2014 7.14pm: Renegade Kid has released the following Moon Chronicles debut trailer showing how this 3DS remake looks in action. It's definitely sharper than the original DS Moon, but there's no mistaking it for a current-gen affair. What do you make of it?

Cover image for YouTube videoMoon Chronicles™ (Nintendo 3DS) Mystery Trailer

ORIGINAL STORY 24/01/2014 7.53pm: Mutant Mudds and Dementium developer Renegade Kid is remaking its 2009 DS first-person shooter Moon for 3DS as the episodic Moon Chronicles.

The Moon remake will be rebuilt from the ground up to support 60 fps, Circle Pad Pro, and enhanced geometry and graphics.

Renegade Kid founder Jools Watsham noted on Twitter that Moon Chronicles will launch its first episode in either March or April. As reported by IGN, the debut episode will be priced at $8.99 and will consist of four chapters and six VR missions that will encapsulate roughly four hours of gameplay.

The following episodes - each being comprised of four chapters - will be significantly cheaper at $1.99 a pop, though each one is expected to last only about two hours. Adding it all up, the entire game comes to $14.95.

"We love shows that really cement the feeling where you watch an episode, you have a cliffhanger, and you absolutely need to watch the next one." Watsham told IGN. "That's our plan for season two and beyond, [for us] to approach it in a similar way."

That's right, a second season is planned for 2015, though we already knew Renegade Kid was antsy to make a sequel since it recently reacquired the rights to Moon from its previous publisher Mastiff.

Ex-EG scribe Dan Pearson felt rather lukewarm towards Moon upon its initial release. "There are undoubtedly high points, such as the (mostly) excellent soundtrack, the fantastic controls and the truly impressive engine, but Moon is really just a supermodel in the Emperor's clothes, intriguing at first - but leaving very little to the imagination," he wrote in his 2009 Moon review.