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Far Cry 4 Achievements mention new Homestead upgrades, multiplayer and story details


Far Cry 4's full list of Achievements has popped online ahead of the game's release next month.

The awards cover a number of activities found in Ubisoft's Himalayas-set open world, which now includes a new Homestead base for you to upgrade.

Assassin's Creed 3 also included a Homestead and, perhaps not coincidentally, shares a creative director in Ubisoft's Alex Hutchinson - who has previously expressed an interest in the feature returning.

The Achievements list - available to view on Exophase - also mentions a "Battles of Kyrat" game mode, presumably the still-under-wraps multiplayer portion. Multiple game types are mentioned.

There's the usual awards for liberating outposts, obtaining collectibles and crafting items, plus a special award for killing enemies with an elephant.

Finally, the game's hidden awards hint at some of the choices available in the game's story. Spoilery details lie below this lovely picture of an elephant.


It looks like you will be given a choice whether to spare or save each of the game's major antagonists, including blonde-haired pink-suited Pagan Min - the chap who grace's Far Cry 4's cover.

Judging by the placement of this Achievement and its high award score (100G, by far the highest for anything in the game) it's likely that this choice will come at the game's finale.

Far Cry 3 also featured a player choice during its final scenes, but included separate Achievements for each path that you chose - meaning you needed to reload an earlier save to get both.

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