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Far Cry 4 adds karmic balance and tactical beehives

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Far Cry 3 veterans will recognise Far Cry 4's familiar gameplay loops of commandeering vehicles, hunting animals, climbing towers and liberating outposts, but there are new bits too. Take Far Cry 4's new karmic levelling system, which awards you karma points for good deeds and deducts them when you are a jerk.

Observe in the video below a penalty of ten karma points for landing a quad bike on an innocent human and 50 for setting an elephant on fire. We deduce elephants are five times better than people. Take a watch for more karmic scorekeeping, tactical beehives and seven other novelties in Far Cry 4.

Cover image for YouTube videoFar Cry 4: 9 More New Things in Far Cry 4 with Gameplay

Speaking of familiar gameplay loops, The Evil Within brings to mind classic survival horror by killing you over and over as much as by being stingy with ammo and doing Resident Evil callbacks. Show of the Week examines this survival horror revival from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, then offers up Mike and me to one of its most terrifying bosses.

Cover image for YouTube videoShow of the Week: The Evil Within vs Jane vs Mike

Falling Skies: The Game, meanwhile, is familiar to the point of deja vu. It adapts sci-fi television show Falling Skies into a turn-based strategy which closely resembles a downmarket XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Watch this last-hope-for-humanity crew shoot at Espheni alien invaders in a wood in gameplay from one early mission.

Cover image for YouTube videoFalling Skies: The Game Gameplay - Let's Play Falling Skies on Xbox 360

Those were your video highlights for one more week. Please go about your business or, for further videos and how to pronounce Ajay Ghale, come visit us at Outside Xbox.

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