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Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Shadow of Revan announced

Due in December. Subscriber pre-orders get 12x experience boost prior to launch.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting a new expansion on 9th December entitled Shadow of Revan.

This story-based add-on will revolve around Revan, a former hero of the Jedi Civil War who has gone rogue and formed his own army.

Priced at $19.99 (about £13), this expansion will include five new stages, an increased level cap of 60, and all new multiplayer Flashpoints and Operations challenges.

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Those who pre-order prior to 2nd November will receive one week Early Access to Shadow of Revan starting 2nd December, the digital expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and an exclusive grand statue of Revan to display in their Player Stronghold.

While the Early Access offer expires after 2nd November, the other pre-order goodies are available until 1st December.

An extra subscriber-exclusive perk is that if they pre-order Shadow of Revan prior to 2nd November, they'll receive a 12x experience boost through class story missions up to Level 55 until 1st December.