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Far Cry 4's Battles of Kyrat PVP mode revealed, gameplay shown

Five vs. five multiplayer across 10 maps at launch.

Far Cry 4 developer Ubisoft has revealed Battles of Kyrat, the game's new five-on-five multiplayer mode.

It's the first time that a Far Cry game has included PVP multiplayer since the series' classic Predator mode.

Battles feature two factions, Pagan Min's elite Rakshasa guard and the Golden Path rebels, each of which has their own weapons and skills.

Rakshasa can ride elephants and summon wild animals to attack their enemies, as well as use a bow and arrow. They can also slip away unseen into undergrowth.

But playing as the Golden Path you get an arsenal of guns and armoured vehicles, as well as bell towers to spot and mark hidden enemies from far away.

Matches will last an average of 20 minutes, and 10 maps will be available at launch.

Three modes will be available - Outpost, where each team rushes to establish a command point, Propganda, where one team has to destroy three installations that the other protects, and Demon Mask, which sounds a lot like Capture the Flag.

See how it looks in the new footage below:

Watch on YouTube

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