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Dedicated man shreds through Dark Souls 2 with a guitar controller

Bests every boss (DLC included) solo.

Last month moderately insane Twitch user Bearzly blasted through all of Dark Souls using nothing but a guitar controller in an ass backwards control scheme that Zoolander-style wouldn't allow him to turn left.

This is Bearzly's basic control scheme from Dark Souls. He swapped the parry and two-hand inputs for the sequel.

Now Bearzly has bested its sequel using the same control scheme that limits motion to the character's forward & backward movement (the whammy bar), moving to the right (holding the guitar upright), and rotating the camera left (the effects switch). There's no input for heavy attacks or blocking.

This run is even more impressive when one factors in that Bearzly's tackled the entire campaign solo - including the DLC.

Astoundingly, Bearzly's run only took him nine-and-a-quarter hours while he only sustained 92 deaths, the mad man explained on Reddit.

He also noted that his next goal will be to tackled Dark Souls with a Wiimote, somehow.

While Dark Souls 2 is in many ways easier than its predecessor, its DLC bosses rival the challenge of anything in the series so far. As someone who's defeated every Souls series boss solo, I nearly caved and requested AI help for the optional boss fight in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC. But now there's some dude out there who's not only conquered this dual-boss battle on his lonesome, he's done it with severely limited controls. So surely now I must rise to the challenge and at least manage these foul beasts with a gamepad. Bearzly, I love/hate you so much right now.

You can watch the entirety of Bearzly's "Guitar Souls 2" run here on Twitch, where he makes mince meat out of the aforementioned Ivory King DLC bosses at 3:24:56 on the Day Two video. Furthermore, here's a clip of him handling who he felt was the hardest boss: the Darklurker. Rock on, man!

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