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Watch someone beat Dark Souls with a guitar controller

It's totally metal.

If you thought Dark Souls was hard before, try playing From Software's classic using only a guitar controller.

Bearzly used an Xbox 360 Rock Band guitar controller with the PC version of Dark Souls.

That's just what Twitch user Bearzly has done over the course of roughly 11.5 hours.

How does this work, you ask? Not very well, I'd imagine, but Bearzly persevered anyway with this nonsensical challenge.

The foolhardy Dark Souls player took to Reddit to explain this peculiar control scheme which limits motions to the character's vertical movement speed (the whammy bar), moving to the right (holding the guitar upright), and rotating the camera left (the effects switch).

Furthermore, there's no option to block, use a heavy attack or make gestures. You'd think heavy attack would be a pretty high priority, but beggars can't be choosers when translating one of gaming's most robust combat systems into one of its most niche controllers.

You can watch the entirety of Bearzly's run over on Twitch or just check out the highlights. Now get a load of him defeating what he claimed was the hardest boss fight with the guitar controller: the dreaded Ornstein and Smough.

Next, Bearzly will attempt to conquer Dark Souls 2 and all of its DLC using only a guitar controller. Wish him luck!Watch on YouTube