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Dark Souls 2 dev reveals which bosses people failed at most often

The Fume Knight takes top honours.

From Software has revealed a few statistics detailing which bosses in Dark Souls 2 people struggled with the most.

I'll admit that this guy was the biggest thorn in my side, though the Ivory King DLC's optional boss battle was the most irritating due to the long trek involved in getting to it.

According to IGN, 93 per cent of battles against the Fume Knight have ended in a "you died" message. This makes him arguably the hardest boss in the entire game.

While IGN didn't reveal the top five bosses most likely to slay players, it did note that four of these emanated from the first two pieces of DLC. Elana the Squalid Queen and Sinh the Slumbering Dragon from Crown of the Sunken King and Sir Alonne from Crown of the Old Iron King made the cut along with old Fumey.

These statistic were taken on 22nd September, however, which means that Dark Souls 2's latest and final DLC, Crown of the Ivory King, wasn't factored into things.

From also noted that the boss battle most players succeeded at was the Ruin Sentinels, which ended in success 76 per cent of the time. This is rather surprising, I think, as this trio of automatons is known for being something of a difficulty spike early on. Then again, players tend to collaborate a lot on this battle, so perhaps people hang out around it to help each other fell these unnatural creations.

Are you struggling with the Fume Knight? If so, check out our Dark Souls 2 guide for hints and tips against that imposing bugger.

Might as well ask, which Dark Souls 2 boss battle gave you the most trouble?

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