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Civilization: Beyond Earth gameplay video goes in-depth

Everything from exploration to the tech web explained.

Firaxis has released a new video for upcoming strategy game Civilization: Beyond Earth that gives us an in depth look at the gameplay.

Beyond Earth is a new science fiction entry in the long-running Civilization series, and a spiritual successor to Sid Meier's own Alpha Centauri, published by EA in 1999.

In the game you lead your people on an expedition sent to find a new home away from Earth. You explore and colonise an alien planet and create a new civilisation in space.

The Discovery gameplay trailer, below, goes on for just shy of 10 minutes, and explains everything from planetfall to exploration, and affinities to the tech web.

We also get a good look at advancement and victory conditions. Usefully, you can select a specific chapter of the trailer by clicking on the respective bookmark at the bottom of the video.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is out on 24th October 2014. Not long now.

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