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The Humble Mozilla Bundle brings FTL to your browser

Also includes Dustforce DX, Voxatron, Democracy 3 and more.

The latest Humble Bundle offers a unique feature: its games are playable in a browser.

Entitled the Humble Mozilla Bundle, the pay-what-you-want curators of indie games have teamed up with Mozilla to offer the following titles in browser form: Super Hexagon, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, Osmos, Zen Bound 2 and Dustforce DX.

Pay more than the average (currently $5.24) and receive FTL: Faster Than Light Advanced Edition and Voxatron. And pay over $8 to add Democracy 3 to the mix.

You can even demo all these games in browser form from the Humble Bundle front page.

Watch on YouTube

While this bundle is brought to us by Mozilla, its titles will be playable on other browsers too, so long as they're capable of executing JavaScript. You see, these browser-based ports are using Mozilla's JavaScript inspired programming language asm.js, which means that while Firefox is recommended, you can also use Chrome (version 28 or higher) or give it a go with the browser of your choice and hope for the best. "Other browsers capable of executing JavaScript or mobile browsers may also work but are not guaranteed. For maximum compatibility, please use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome," the Humble folks recommended.

If browser-gaming isn't your bag, you'll also receive Steam codes for all these games should you pay more than $1. Plus all games save Voxatron are available for PC, Mac and Linux on Valve's distribution service.

As with all Humble Bundles, you name your price and divvy up the distribution of your payment to the developers, Humble Bundle organisers, and charity (in this instance that's the the Mozilla Foundation, the Maker Education Initiative and CodeNow).

To date, Humble Bundles have raised $46 million for charity.

The Humble Mozilla Bundle is available through 28th October.

FTL on a browser. Oh, what a world we live in!

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