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Xbox One Digital TV Tuner available today in the UK

Snap live TV while playing games, or pause and rewind.

Microsoft's Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One launches today in the UK, priced £24.99.

The tiny USB gadget will let you recieve free-to-air HD channels, navigate listings with OneGuide and set favourite channels for easy access.

You can snap live TV while playing a game to see both at the same time, or pause your game to watch TV in full-screen and still receive invites and notifications from friends.

The TV Tuner also lets you pause, rewind and fast-forward live shows (around 30 minutes are stored on your Xbox One) - even while playing a game.

Finally, you can also stream live TV to any device with the SmartGlass app (iOS and Windows now, Android coming soon). So you can let someone else watch TV on their phone or tablet while you continue gaming.

Watch Microsoft demo the device below:

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