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Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback

As some players claim powerful gear and weapons do not grant enough of an advantage.

Destiny developer Bungie has called for feedback on the recently released Iron Banner, a competitive multiplayer mode deliberately designed to give players with powerful gear and weapons an advantage.

Unlike other Crucible modes, Iron Banner counts weapon attack damage and armour defence ratings. So, players with weapons that do a lot of damage and armour with a high defence rating should - in theory - have an advantage.

However, some players believe Iron Banner isn't working as intended. The video, below, shows one Iron Banner match in which a level four player - using the first weapon found in the game - kills a raft of higher level players (warning, there are a few swears).

What appears to be the case is that weapon and armour statistics are not having as much of an impact on gameplay as players had expected. Low level weapons, like the one used in the video, do down enemy players more slowly than their high level counterparts, but there was perhaps an expectation among the community that the difference would be more pronounced.

Iron Banner went live on Tuesday as a special event that runs until 14th October. Overnight, Bungie community chief David "Deej" Dague called for feedback, asking whether players had detected any advantage.

"Were you detecting an advantage attributed to your more powerful gear and weapons?" he asked on

"Did the experience feel different than standard Crucible combat?

"Talk to me, Guardians."

Meanwhile, Iron Banner has run into another issue.

Unlike other Crucible modes, Iron Banner rewards reputation points only if your team wins. So, when teams fall a few hundred points behind the enemy team, many quit because they know they are unlikely to gain anything if they stick around to complete the game.

And, because there is no penalty for quitting a Crucible match early, it's happening a lot.

Deej indicated he is aware of this situation: "I know people quit games when they know they won't win. I'm more curious about your perceptions for how the power-level advantages work. Help me help you. Stay on target!"

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