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Video: Let's Play Kingdom Come: Deliverance

That next-gen medieval RPG with no fantasy.

Remember Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the next-gen medieval RPG that has no fantasy? It's playable, and it's a sight to behold. More than one person has stopped to look over my shoulder, drawn in by the idyllic countryside scene.

This is a technical alpha, a kind of interactive technical demonstration. There is a quest, but it's designed more to test the quest giving system than to enthral. There's combat only in the shape of archery and an archery range.

Remember, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is still a year out - at least - on PC, and it was only Kickstarted at the beginning of the year, although plenty of work was done before then. Incidentally there are console ambitions, but there's nothing set in stone.

Developer Warhorse Studios has also spent time moving office and laying the foundations for the development process ahead. Given all that, there are bugs, as there should be, and they're amusing to come across - that's why I've made a gallery.

I should also say that the encoding process isn't particularly kind to the game, which is powered by CryEngine in case you're wondering. The frame-rate and textures are much more fluid and crisp in the flesh.

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