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Kingdom Come: Deliverance save game system explained - how to save, get Saviour Schnapps, and how to find a bed

How to do that most basic of tasks in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, saving the game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's save game system is a weirdly one. The system that governs how to save in Kingdom Come restricts how and when you can save to just a handful of situations, and drastically restricts your ability to do it on demand, too.

One of those ways to save the game is by drinking Saviour Schnapps, a rare potion that can occasionally be bought or given as a reward. Others include sleeping and auto saving, too. Here on this page, we'll explain exactly how to save, as well as how to get Saviour Schnapps and where to find a bed.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance save game system explained - how to save in Kingdom Come

There are a handful of ways you can save the game in Kingdom Come: Deliverance - albeit none of them as simple as just saving on the spot like you would in a lot of other RPGs - so here's a quick list of all the ways to save the game and how they work.

One of the first beds, and places to save, you'll unlock in the game is in Talmberg.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - how to save:

  • Complete a main story mission - Completing main quests usually results in your game auto saving, which is convenient as being a natural break in the action that's often a nice time to call it a day. If you know you're close to the end of one it's often worth seeing it through.
  • Sleeping in a bed - If you sleep somewhere, like an Inn, or a bed of your own, then that'll save the game. You'll unlock beds of your own as you progress through the game, with a couple available from pretty early on.
  • Using a bath house - Yes, that's right, using a bath house (that's a brothel, to us modern folk) is another way to save your game. You don't have to use those facilities though, thankfully. For us, it saved when we: healed our wounds; or when we had a bath, laundered our clothes and healed our wounds, and when we did all of those as well as used the "other services". It didn't save, though, when we just laundered our clothes.
  • Drinking Saviour Schnapps - A kind of potion, Saviour Schnapps are a consumable you store in your inventory and can drink whenever you like. It's the only "on demand" save in the game, but there's a limited supply, with only some vendors selling them and some fairly rare ingredients required to craft them. You also get them before or after the odd main mission, too. Best to save these for situations where it's been a while since your last save but you know there's something risky coming up. Heads up though: the Schnapps will make you drunk after you down a bottle, so you might want to wait for those effects to wear off first.

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How to get Saviour Schnapps and find a bed to save the game in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Saviour Schnapps are generally sold in Taverns in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, as well as in-stock at general traders and on-hand from barmaids that roam around the taverns, too. They're not cheap, but serve as a crucial means of saving on-demand for when you know you need to, and especially if you know you both haven't saved in a while, and there isn't a chance to do so in the near future.

Your bed at the Mill near Rattay. There's also a bath house nearby, just to the south east.

You can also brew them yourself, although that's a little more involved and time-consuming, particularly if you're adept enough at making money that you can use to buy them anyway.

As for beds, there are a few specifics to note here: namely the fact that only your own bed counts as one that will save your game.

Saviour Schnapps, which is purchased for about 100 coin a pop.

One of the first permanent beds you'll get is at the mill near Rattay, after you've escaped Talmberg and triggered the opening credits of the game. The bed you wake up in is where you can take a nap (of at least an hour) to save.

After that, you'll pick up beds along the way as you progress through the main quests, but it's worth noting that you can pay a bit of coin to save more conveniently too, by using an Inn. Beds that you pay for at Inns, which are dotted around the world, will count as your own for the time you bought them for, which can come in handy if you're out of Schnapps and away from a comfy spot of your own.

Basically, any bed that displays the bed icon on your map counts as one you can save in. Worst comes to worst, fast travel back to Rattay and head to your bed in the mill, as it's as trusty a spot as you'll find early on.