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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map locations - where to find all 25 buried treasure and maps, including tricky treasure maps XI and XII

Where to find every map and their buried treasure in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance treasure map hunters will have probably already found one or two of the mysterious drawings, but some are far easier to find than others.

That goes for the maps themselves, too, so here on this page we'll not only detail a selection Kingdom Come: Deliverance treasure map locations, but also all of their buried treasure locations, as well.

This page includes the locations for every treasure map and set of hidden treasure in the game - all 25 of them - as well as a brief explainer of what to take with you and how treasure maps work in Kingdom Come just below.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Maps explained

The first thing to note about Treasure Maps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is that they are not the same thing as Ancient Maps. Ancient Maps are included in a DLC pack called Treasures of the Past, and will automatically appear in your inventory when that DLC's installed.

Treasure Maps, meanwhile, are what we'll be covering here, and you have to search these maps out for yourself before you can get hunting for the actual treasure.

The maps will generally feature a few hand-scribbled images meant to act as clues to the threasure's location. You can get a general idea of where to find the treasure from them but in terms of the exact location, it can be pretty tough - a lot of the treasure is buring in spots that are fairly nondescript until you get quite close to them in the first place.

Otherwise, there are a couple of other things to bear in mind when you're treasure hunting. For one, you want to make sure you're a high enough level to comfortably roam the wilderness - it's very easy to get interrupted on your travels by roaming bandits and Cumins, so be prepared for combat.

You should also pack a shovel, a torch, plenty of lockpicks, as many of the treasure chests are locked, and are either buried or found in dark areas, and a horse for getting around a little faster, too.

Finally, it may seem obvious but it's easy to forget: give yourself plenty of free storage space before you go. Sell or pack away anything you don't need on you, as there's nothing more annoying than getting all the way to a treasure chest only to not be able to carry back your lovely loot.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map I / 1 location

Map I (1) Location:

Head to Ledetchko, and then go north west, towards the Monastery settlement. You'll find a small pair of buildings where you cross the river on the way to the Monastery, which are actually a mill. Head into the mill building itself and go up the steps and ladder, and across the planks to the far side. The map's on a barrel, there.

Treasure I (1) Location:

The treasure itself is found to the north-west of the Monastery. Head almost exactly north-west until you reach a large forest with a road that splits it up the middle. Where the forest starts, just to the right of the road that splits it, you'll find a pair of old ruined buildings.

They'll register as a special location - but you then need to head into the left-hand one, through the overgrown gap in one of its walls, and down a set of hard-to-see steps into a small cave.

Inside, you'll find a corpse and, at the end of the short tunnel, a Hard locked chest - so bring some lockpicks and a torch!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map II / 2 location

Map II (2) Location:

This one's not far from the first. For the treasure map, head to the Monastery's south gate. Just inside, turn left and go up the steps, and go south into the bedrooms above the gate itself. Keep going until you reach a more lavish bedroom in a restricted area. On the other side of it you'll find the map. on a bedside table.

Treasure II (2) Location:

The treasure itself is found quite close to the last lot. This time you want to head west from the Monastery until you reach the river that runs north to south along the left of the map.

Work your way north along there until you find a bandit camp with a couple of blokes up for a fight. Dispatch (or avoid) them, and go just a few dozen steps into the woods north and just slightly east of the camp.

Tucked slightly behind a bush is a grave. Dig, and you'll find the treasure - be sure to bring a shovel!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map III / 3 location

Map III (3) Location:

Treasure Map number three is bought from the Fresco Master, who can be found at the Lodging in the settlement between Sasau and the Monastery. It'll set you back about 100 coin.

Treasure III (3) Location:

The treasure itself is found in a similar place to the last one again. This time, head west from the Monastery again but then go north along the road until you find a bridge to the west, which'll get you over to the western side of the river.

Work your way into the woods and then go due south from there, and you'll soon find an old cabin in the woods. The chest is on the south side of the cabin, and is rated Very Hard, so bring plenty of lockpicks.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map IV / 4 location

Map IV (4) Location:

Treasure Map number four is another one that you buy from a vendor. Talk to Brother Nicodemus, who can be found by the alchemy bench in the buildings by the Monastery.

Treasure IV (4) Location:

The fourth treasure itself is found somewhere else, for once! This time travel to Neuhof, or even better the fast travel point in the countryside just to the west of it, and head towards the woods west of Neuhof.

You want to be on the north side of the woods, and work your way through the fields to the base of the sort of "U" shape the woods make around them.

Head into the woods and work your way towards the river on the other side. You don't have to go too far in, and keep an eye out for a door in the hillside. A point of reference we used for finding it is the slightly bolded outline drawn into the woods on the map, which you can see in the map image below.

The chest inside is locked, and rated as Very Hard to open - so plenty of lockpicks needed again!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map V / 5 location

Map V (5) Location:

Treasure Map number five is bought from a Miller cauled Woyzeck, who you can find at the mill to the east of Ledetchko, by travelling along the north side of the river to the east where you'll find it along the way.

Treasure V (5) Location:

The fifth treasure horde - it's not in a chest this time! - is found inside a crumbled old well, in some forest to the south-east of Merhojed, about half way between that and the Inn on the Glade.

Head to the north end of the woods - it's the one by a river that forks at its north end, like a snake's tongue - and start at the north end of that river.

Work your way along the river - on the side closest to Merhojed - for a hundred yards or so, and then cut north-west into the woods. You'll find the well half way between the edge of the woods and the river bank, but we've been exact as possible with our images to give you an idea, as it's surprisingly easy to miss.

There's no lock on this one, so for once it's open to anyone that can find it!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map VI / 6 location

Map VI (6) Location:

Treasure Map six is found from a Trader who appears as a Wayfarer - a friendly NPC you can meet randomly whilst fast-travelling.

Fortunately, Wayfarer's appear at specific places. We met this one travelling between the Monastery and Rovna, at a crossing over a stream. Fast travel back and forth between the two, always accepting the opportunity to interact with a Wayfarer when one pops up, and eventually you'll find the right guy.

The one you're looking for is a middle-aged man with brown hair and a brown beard, with a hat. Interact with him and buy the map when you get a chance, and you're set. It's worth noting, too, that several other Wayfarers you can meet at this place sell maps as well - so interact with every Trader you meet to save yourself some hassle down the line.

Treasure VI (6) Location:

Treasure set six is found just to the north-east of Ledetchko, in the woods on top of the hill.

It's a locked chest, rated Hard, so bring plenty of lockpicks (although you should always have some to hand). Start out by travelling to Ledetchko and then riding north-east, up the steep hill and into the woods.

Look out for a large-ish mound, and the small wooden structure that indicates this 'Interesting Site' will be just by it, with the chest underneath.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map VII / 7 location

Map VII (7) Location:

Treasure Map seven is found in the Monastery Library on a pile of books - it's a restricted area, but the monks won't accost you if you're quick, so just be ready to leg it in there and cheese it out, and you'll be fine.

The Monastery Library is in the middle of the southern wall of the outer buildings around the big building that's in construction. To get there, enter via the south gate, then take the steps on your left.

Inside, turn left and head east - keep running east through door after door until, eventually, you find one into what is very obviously a library, full of monks.

You don't have long before they start getting angry at you for being there, so run in, and towards the end of the room hang left. The stack of books you're after is on the floor along the northern wall, and will have the map sitting there on top of them. Grab it and leave!

Treasure VII (7) Location:

Treasure set seven is another one near Ledetchko, this time in the words to the north-west.

Head to Ledetchko, ride north-west, and enter the woods up the hill. You're looking for a small Woodland Garden, marked by a flimsy stick fence around a large tree.

If you reach the path cutting through the woods you've gone too far - although it might be easier to use that as a reference, cutting a few yards off the path and working your way east and west until you spot the garden from there.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map VIII / 8 location

Map VIII (8) Location:

Treasure Map eight is found by the map's most north-easterly settlement, specifically inside a windmill that's just north-west of Uzhitz.

Travel to Uzhitz and head north-west - you'll see the windmill on the horizon almost immediately.

Head inside, climb up the several sets of steps, and the map itself is tucked into the rafters on the top floor.

Treasure VIII (8) Location:

Treasure set eight is back down by Ledetchko once again, only this time to the south-east.

Specifically, it's in a sack at the base of a leafless tree, by a mound in the fields.

Travel to Ledetchko, then head south-east into the fields. If you stick to the path that's just to the east of the two fields with rows of plough lines in them, you'll see the tree and mound just come up on your left as you travel south.

For more knightly tips and guides like this, we have a main page of various, helpful Kingdom Come Deliverance tips, as well as an explainer on how to save in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a complete guide to all 25 Treasure Map and treasure locations, a comprehensive page on the tricky Kingdom Come: Deliverance lockpicking, how to pick locks and how to find lockpicks, as well as info on where to get Kingdom Come: Delviverance horse armour and how to find or buy a horse, too.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map IX / 9 location

Map IX (9) Location:

Treasure Map number nine is tucked away up in the far north-west of the map, in the little settlement just past Skalitz.

To get there, head to Skalitz and take the road that goes from the south of it, along the north edge of the river, towards the settlement in the north-west.

When you get to a bridge in line with the north end of Skalitz, cross it towards the north-west and head to the settlement ahead. The map is on a table inside a small store hut - in our case it was guarded by a lingering Cuman.

Treasure IX (9) Location:

The ninth set of treasure isn't far away. Head to the fast travel point at the south end of Skalitz, and then turn to the south-west.

Cross the bridge, and then when you get across turn back and face the way you came. Just to the left of the bridge you'll see a little brick tunnel for the stream to run through.

Hop down towards that, and on the right-hand bank by the brick wall you'll find the chest, which thankfully isn't locked.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map X / 10 location

Map X (10) Location:

Treasure Map 10 is found in at the Inn on the Glade, specifically in a small outhouse building in the north-east corner of the outside area.

Inside that little hut is a locked chest, but it's only ranked as Easy so with a handful of lockpicks you should be just fine.

Treasure X (10) Location:

Treasure 10 completes the quartet of Ledetchko-based loot, being in the south-west direction from the town.

Travel to Ledetchko, and ride south over the river, then take the second path on the right onto the woods. You're looking for a chest, in the section of woods that's flanked by a path to the north and south of it.

Go about halfway along the path that runs east to west on the south of that chunk of woods, and then cut north.

You'll reach steep downhill slope - the grave is in amongst some bushes by the tree at the bottom of it. Dig, and you'll find your reward.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XI / 11 location

Map XI (11) Location:

Treasure Map number eleven is one of the easiest to get your hands on, and probably one of the first you'll get a chance to grab, too.

Map eleven is bought from a trader called Votava in Talmberg, and is available to buy from the first time you interact with him right in the early hours of the game.

Travel to the town, and as you enter the gate turn right, where he'll be sitting on a bench nearby.

Treasure XI (11) Location:

The eleventh set of hidden treasure is also one of the easier ones to find. First up, travel to Ledetchko.

From there, head west along the north side of the river, into the forest. You're looking for the entrance to a mine, set back a bit from the river and just over the lip of the first hilly bit, as you work your way north from the bank.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XII / 12 location

Map XII (12) Location:

Treasure Map number twelve is another one you can get fairly early on, this time by purchasing it from the Miller Peshek - the grumpy man who first teaches you lockpicking near Rattay.

Head to the Mill just north of Rattay and speak to him, opting to sell your stolen wares in order to take a look at his stock, where you can buy the map.

Treasure XII (12) Location:

The twelfth set of hidden treasure is in another locked chest, this time rated Hard, that can be found quite nearby, to the south-east of Rattay.

Head to the river, at the south of Rattay, and follow it east. Eventually there's a chance to cross to the south side of it, and soon after that the river branches off to the south forming a small stream.

Follow the stream to its end, and you'll find a path leading into the woods to the west. Follow the path, and when it leads to a sharp right-hand turn, instead turn left.

Head south - which is up the hill - and try to hang more south-east than south-west from there, and eventually you'll find a small old shack in the woods, that looks like it might be inhabited, although there's no one nearby.

Inside is the chest, and treasure number twelve.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XIII / 13 location

Map XIII (13) Location:

Treasure Map number thirteen can be found from the Herbalist who resides just to the west of Neuhof.

Head to Nuehof and then take the path west, into the woods, past a shrine. Eventually you'll find a small household with the Herbalist roaming around.

Buy the map from her, and you're all set for the next treasure hunt.

Treasure XIII (13) Location:

The thirteenth set of hidden treasure is found to the south of Neuhof - or the east of Rattay - at an old shack in amongst the woods.

It's easiest to travel south from Neuhof, contrary to the map's directions, so set off due south from there, until you get roughly in line with the point where the river to your east branches, and you can see the cliffs in the eastward direction.

Cut directly east at that point, cross the river, and climb the steep hills into the woods. Keep rooting around and eventually you'll find the cabin, which is marked by a Woodland Garden and Accident marker on your map.

Inside is a chest, with just an Easy-rated lock to guard it.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XIV / 14 location

Map XIV (14) Location:

Treasure Map fourteen is acquired from a Wayfarer - one of a set number of random people you could meet whilst fast travelling. There are several different people you could meet that class as Wayfarers though, so you might need to repeatedly fast travel for some time.

We found the best location to do so was between the Monastery and Rovna, as it's not too long a journey, there's a set spot where Wayfarer's appear (at a river crossing halfway between the two) and multiple Wayfarers appear here that sold us maps.

For map fourteen, you're looking for a young-ish, brown-haired man, without a hat, who was wearing green. You can see him in the image below, although for us he was rather awkwardly stuck in a tree, so apologies for that not being a little clearer...

Treasure XIV (14) Location:

The fourteenth set of hidden treasure is found quite close to the last lot - this time even nearer to Neuhof.

It's just to the south-east of the town, where the river forks nearby into a northwards branch and a north-easterly branch. You're looking for a grave, which is found between the two branches of the river where it splits, right near the join.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XV / 15 location

Map XV (15) Location:

Treasure Map fifteen is nice and easy to find, as soon as you reach the point in the game's story that has you waking up in Rattay.

The map is in the castle that houses Sir Radzig, in the south end of the city. Walk straight up the external wooden steps and enter the first door into the first floor of the building.

Take the door on the left at the end of the corridor, and on top of a wardrobe to your right you'll find the map.

Treasure XV (15) Location:

The fifteenth set of hidden treasure is yet another one near a river, and yet another one near Neuhof.

Fast travel to Neuhof, and take the road leading directly west towards the river, through the forest. The treasure is on the north-west side of the river, set back a little way into the woods and up the steep hill, towards the south-western end of the river.

Follow the road along the north-west side of the river, heading south-west, until you find a couple of spiky logs on the right of the road. Work your way straight into the woods from there - it can be tricky to find a place to climb up the steep hill, so you may need to take a brief detour - and eventually you'll find some wooden steps leading uphill.

At the top of the steps is a small site that has a shovel right there for the taking, and a spot that prompts you to dig just behind it. Do the digging, and you'll get the treasure.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XVI / 16 location

Map XVI (16) Location:

Treasure Map sixteen is bought from another Herbalist, this time the one that lives in the woods just slightly north-west of Samopesh.

Fast travel to Samopesh and, you guessed it, head north-west. If you haven't already discovered the site, you can see a couple of small buildings on the map in the woods in that direction from the town - it's those you're heading to.

Talk to the Herbalist wandering around there and she'll have the map ready to sell.

Treasure XVI (16) Location:

The sixteenth set of hidden treasure is another one buried in a grave, this time quite nearby.

Hop on your horse and head north-west, through the woods towards the wid river that runs north to south on the left of the map - the grave you're after is on the north end of that western bank, but you need to travel right round to the north to cross.

When you reach the wide river, head north along the path on its eastern bank. Soon enough you'll find a spot to cross on your left, where some raised up sections of land make the river shallow enough to walk over.

The grave is nearby after you cross. As soon as you get to the other side, hang right and look out for a thin white, spiky tree. Just behind it is the grave.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XVII / 17 location

Map XVII (17) Location:

Treasure Map seventeen is bought from Huntsman Berthold, who can be found in Rattay near the north-west end of town. If you're struggling to find him, look for the little horn symbol, as he counts as an actual store rather than just a bloke wandering around.

Fast travel to the north-west end of town, and he'll be on your right (to the North) side.

Treasure XVII (17) Location:

The seventeenth set of treasure is one of the easiest ones to find. Start off by fast travelling to Rovna, and then take the road to the south.

As it reaches the stream take the branch towards the south-west, and then due west, as you head towards the large river on the west of the map.

Where the small stream and the large river meet, you'll come across a hut without a door, which is noted as an Interesting Site. Behind it, the other side of the small stick fence, is an unmarked grave, which'll show up as a Grave on your map when you get close. Dig there, and the treasure's yours.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XVIII / 18 location

Map XVIII (18) Location:

Treasure Map eighteen is easy enough to get, being another one bought from a trading Huntsman.

You're looking for Hunstman Nicholas, who's found at the south end of town outside Talmberg. Talk to him, trade, and you'll find map eighteen for sale.

Treasure XVIII (18) Location:

The eighteenth set of buried treasure is another one that's easy enough to find, and is nice and close by to where you bought the map.

From Huntsman Nicholas' home, take the path north-east into the woods. As you get roughly in line with the small lake on the map, just to your west, it's time to start cutting west from the path itself.

You'll soon encounter a small poacher's camp (it's not very visible if you're looking at it from the west, so approach from the south out of the woods). The poacher will tell you to get lost, and may eventually attack if you stick around, so give him a poke with your sword and carry on.

In his little camp is a locked chest, rated Easy to lockpick, and you'll find the treasure inside.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XIX / 19 location

Map XIX (19) Location:

Treasure Map nineteen is another one acquired from a Wayfarer you have chance of encountering when you fast travel. To try and meet as many as we could, we fast travelled back and forth between the Monastery and Rovna, as a Wayfarer appears almost every time you do so.

For map 19, you're looking for a Wayfarer in the form of a Trader, who looks a bit like a jester in his fancy burgundy clothing and hat. Talk to him and he'll sell you map XIX.

Treasure XIX (19) Location:

The nineteenth set of treasure is another one found in a shallow grave.

This time, the grave is located on a vary small island with a couple of large trees on, just to the south-south-west of the Monastery, off the north bank of the nearby river between that and Sasau.

Take the road south from the Monastery's southern gate, then travel west along the river until you spot the small island with trees and overgrowth on just off the bank. Wade across, and the grave is next to the large tree.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XX / 20 location

Map XX (20) Location:

Treasure Map twenty is bought from a Herbalist called the Charlatan, in Sasau.

You can find him standing around near the other traders in the centre of town, near the Tavern - but note that when he's in the Tavern out of hours he won't give you the option to trade (instead he'll just blather on about dreams and get you to nick some stuff for a quest).

Speak to him in working hours by the other traders, and he'll sell you the map - at a slightly higher price compared to the other traders so far.

Treasure XX (20) Location:

The twentieth treasure set is another chest, this time casually left under a tree to the north of Skalitz.

Travel to Skalitz's main gate, and head around it to the north (we found it easier going around Skalitz to the east rather than the west).

Going due north of the centre of Skalitz you'll find a small tanner's hut by the the riverbank. Hang just to the right - or east - of that and you'll spot a cluster of two or three trees. Under the nearest large one is the chest.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XXI / 21 location

Map XXI (21) Location:

Treasure Map 21 is also found near Skalitz, but in the opposite direction to the last. It's in a small barn (or a large shed?) to the south-west of the town.

Start by heading south-west from Skalitz's southern fast-travel point. You'll see three huts in a row on the map, going south-west. Follow the line of those, then when you get to the last one cut due west.

You'll come to a cluster of outhouses and barns - you're looking for an open-faced one with a wagon just to the left of it.

The map itself is inside at the back, on top of a barrel - we needed to jump up onto the side to actually pick it up though.

Treasure XXI (21) Location:

Treasure 21 is an interesting one! Bring a torch and plenty of lockpicks, as this one's a very hard chest that's deep inside a network of tunnels.

It's not far from where you found the map - head north-north-west and you'll stumble directly upon the entrance to the cave.

Inside, go straight on until you find a fork to your left - take that first left, and continue on through the long tunnel until you see a series of ladders going directly upwards in front of you.

Take the ladders all the way up, then continue on through the tunnel at the top until you find another ladder - the chest is just behind that. You can actually climb this ladder (and a series of other long ladders) to excape this way and come out on an Interesting Site of its own.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XXII / 22 location

Map XXII (22) Location:

Map 22 is probably the hardest to get of them all.

It's in the Rattay Bailiff's living quarters, on a bookshelf, but the problem is you have to go through about three locked doors, ranked Hard or Very Hard, and sneak past several people to get it.

To get there, enter the large building with multiple arches by all the food traders in the south-west part of Rattay. Go through the pink arch and there's a staircase on your right. Go in through the door at the top, and then inside you'll find locked door number one.

When you're through that hang right and go up a few more stairs, through another locked door, then hang left and go through another door to the room with the map in - it's on the left hand side on one of the shelves of the bookcase.

Treasure XXII (22) Location:

Treasure 22 is some of the best you can find (we've already taken the 300+ coin that's absent from the image below) - which probably explains why the map is so hard to get.

It's located at a burnt out shack in the woods to the south-west of Vranik.

To get there, travel to Vranik and follow the trail just on the north side of the river that goes south-west. When you're exactly in line with the end of the river, cut due north, and the shack won't be far at all. Thankfully the woods here are more open, so it's easier to spot than some others have been too.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XXIII / 23 location

Map XXIII (23) Location:

Map 23 is much easier than the last one, thankfully, and can be found in the attic of a farm to the south-east of Uzhitz.

Travel to Uzhtiz and take the road out of town to the south. After you've crossed the nearby river, start heading due south-east, across the various fields and farms, until you see a farmhouse up ahead.

To get up to the attic, head to the side of the house and climb the ladder there - but note that you'll be trespassing as soon as you step onto the property, so be careful not to be seen or heard.

The map is on top of a barrel with a cloth on, to your right as you climb up inside.

Treasure XXIII (23) Location:

Treasure 23 is found right at the very edge of the map in the north, closest to Skalitz.

Fast travel to Skalitz and take the road round to the north-east of it, then start cutting due north across the fields until you hit another road going due north into the woods.

Take that road straight on, until you trigger the little line of dialogue for when Henry tries to exit the map.

From there cut due west into the woods, and after a short distance you'll spot the entrance to a small cave going down into the hill. Inside is a sack, with some very valuable loot. Enjoy!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XXIV / 24 location

Map XXIV (24) Location:

Map 24 is another one acquired from a Wayfarer Trader, who you can only encounter by random chance when fast travelling.

The one you're looking for is a man in a large straw hat, with no facial hair. We found him quite quickly at the point where Wayfarers are often triggered, just north of Rattay, by travelling between the Rattay Mill and Talmberg. It's also a nice short trip with a place to sleep and buy food at either end, which means you can repeat ad nauseum until you find the Wayfarer you're after.

Once you've found him, simply accept his intriguing offer of adventure and buy the map when given the chance, and you're sorted.

Treasure XXIV (24) Location:

Treasure 24 is another pretty easy one, thankfully - and once again it's located to the north of Skalitz.

This time, you're looking for a grave, which is found along the edge of the woods due north of Skalitz. Start by fast-travelling to Skalitz and taking that same route due north, around the eastern side of the town, until you meet that road which goes north into the woods again.

Follow it right up to the entrance into the woods, but then cut left, west, directly into the field. Soon enough you'll find the patchy grave in the ground ahead.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XXV / 25 location

Map XXV (25) Location:

Map 25 is behind one or two locked doors, so bring some lockpicks - although they're both rated Easy so shouldn't be too hard to tackle.

It's found in the cellar of the tavern just east of Rattay's Upper Gate. The cellar itslef is accessed from a room on the bottom floor of the inn - if you approach at night (which we recommend, as you'll be trespassing and there are lots of people around), heads up the outer door to that room is locked, as well as the one to the cellar itself.

Inside the cellar, the map is on a barrel on the right-hand wall as you enter.

Treasure XXV (25) Location:

Treasure 25 is yet another grave in the woods, and once again it's near Skalitz!

Travel to Skalitz and then head west, and slightly north. You'll find a stream heading into the woods, with steep hills either side. Travel west along the stream and then look to your map. On the map are two sets of cliffs - you want to try and cut north, climbing the hillside, when you're just past the eastern, larger drawing of the cliffs.

When you get up the hill you'll find a small path. On the path is a small cross with some flowers in front of it - when you find that cross, cut North-East into the woods. The grave will appear very soon just ahead of you and on your right, by a fallen tree.

Dig, and you'll find the final set of buried treasure!

With Treasure Map 25 done and dusted, that's all of the hidden treasure sets done in Kingdom Come: Deliverance - congrats on your treasure hunting, and enjoy your new, and rather overpowered gear!

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Chris Tapsell is Eurogamer's Deputy Editor and most decorated Football Manager. He used to write guides, and will send you links to his favourite spreadsheets if you ask him about League of Legends or competitive Pokémon.

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