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This War of Mine gets a November release date

And its first gameplay trailer.

Earlier today we took a look at This War of Mine, a realistic depiction of civilian life during wartime. Now this ambitious survival sim has a release date of 14th November.

It will be available on Steam for $20 (about £12.50) or you can pre-order it for 10 per cent off from Games Republic, which comes with a Steam key.

Developer 11 Bit Studios also revealed the first gameplay trailer for This War of Mine, in which we see survivors dealing with everyday hardships like finding food, medicine and avoiding detection from enemy soldiers and other desperate survivors.

"This War of Mine is a game that has a kind of animal documentary wildness to it, even if the animals in question are humans," wrote Chris Donlan in his This War of Mine preview. He noted that the game "offers a simplified glimpse at what life looks like in some of the worst circumstances available - and as you pick through these circumstances, it's hard not to avoid the feeling that the whole thing doesn't seem very necessary."

In Sarajevo and Germany the wartime economy was fueled by vodka and cigarettes. Thankfully, This War of Mine can be purchased for pounds and dollars.Watch on YouTube

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