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Epic Games Store starting to support cloud saves

Cirrus-ly good news.

Epic is finally beginning to introduce a feature we've been expecting for a while - cloud saves.

A player spotted the new function in the setting pages for recent Epic Store freebie, Moonlighter, and Epic boss Tim Sweeney confirmed the feature is enabled right now for a select few new games.

Reddit user u/arctyczyn also noted This War of Mine (which went up on the store for free at the same time as Moonlighter) currently supports cloud saves too. Sweeney noted Epic has "a bit more work to do before rolling it out more widely".

Back in March we reported Epic was aiming to have cloud saves as of May this year, so it's running just a tad behind on that target.

Still, it's good to know cloud saves are least being worked on, and hopefully this means it won't be long until the feature is added to more games across the store.

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