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Yet more footage of the canned Star Wars: Battlefront 3

Watch before it is trash compacted.

Another half hour of footage from Free Radical Design's cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 has popped up online.

The two 15-minute videos show off more of the unreleased title in its pre-alpha state.

Levels are unfinished and the game's visuals need a lot of work, but as in previous videos you can see Free Radical Design's engine working with both land and vehicle-based combat.

Sections shown off include the Battle of Hoth from the Empire's perspective (ride in an AT-AT, shoot people) and a Coruscant level inspired by its appearance in the prequels.

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was in development at the TimeSplitters developer before it was bought up and rebranded as Crytek UK. (It has now been rebooted again, into Deep Silver Dambuster Studios).

It's not first time that footage from game has leaked - although Lucasfilm appears to have removed all previous examples.

LucasArts had signed a deal with Free Radical Design to develop both Battlefront 3 and 4, but the plug was pulled before the first game could be finished - an event which directly preceded the UK studio's fall into administration.

A new Star Wars: Battlefront game is now in development at Battlefield developer DICE. Impressive-looking footage was teased at E3 this year.

Cover image for YouTube video
Cover image for YouTube video