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Spelunky's creator is writing a book about its development

Successful Kickstarter also includes a Metal Gear Solid book by the Burch siblings.

Spelunky creator Derek Yu is penning a book on the game's development.

A mock cover for the Spelunky book.

The project was announced earlier today in an already successful Kickstarter campaign for a series of books on beloved video games by publisher Boss Fight Books.

"Spelunky the book is our first autobiographical game development history: the story of a game's creation as told by its creator," the publisher said on its Kickstarter page. "Spelunky is a game design manifesto in which Derek Yu uses his own game to discuss wide-ranging topics such as randomization, creative process, team dynamics, the philosophy of challenging games, and player feedback. Grab some ropes, a mattock, and your favorite pug - this book is going to dig deep."

Boss Fight's series will also include 130-200 page tomes on Metal Gear Solid, World of Warcraft, Baldur's Gate 2 and Bible Adventures. These other titles won't be scribed by their developers, however, but rather other writers and critics. For example, the Metal Gear Solid book will be written by Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? creators Ashly and Anthony Burch - the latter of whom penned Borderlands 2 while his sister played Tiny Tina.

There will also be a sixth book on a game voted on by backers. A writer will be sought out once it becomes clear what game it will be about.

This is actually Boss Fight's second series of books about fan-favourite games. The first series was likewise a Kickstarter project that made over nine times its $5K goal with a healthy $45,429. It included volumes on Earthbound, Galaga, Super Mario Bros 2, ZZT, Jagged Alliance 2 and Chrono Trigger.

Early bird backers can secure an e-book of their choice from Boss Fight's second series for $5. Bump that pledge up to $20 for a physical version. If you miss out on this offer there's still an option to reserve two e-books for $10.

Having only launched a scant few hours ago, Boss Fight's upcoming series has already received $14,831 in funding. Not bad given that its minimum goal was only $5K and it has 29 days left until its 18th November deadline.

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