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Ex-WayForward dev's platformer Adventures of Pip succeeds Kickstarter goal

After a failed crowdfunding campaign in spring.

Back in May I wrote about a charming 2D platforming adventure called Adventures of Pip, a game by a couple of ex-WayForward staffers about a hero who starts out as a single pixel and gradually evolves into a fine-looking hi-def hero. The project failed to meet its $90K goal, but that didn't stop developer TicToc Games from giving it another go on Kickstarter and this time Adventures of Pip succeeded its reigned in $40K goal with a respectable $65,974.

The game follows a regular Joe in a world powered by pixels. When an evil queen starts stealing the kingdom's supply of them, you embark on a quest to get them back - which results in you gaining new powers like double jumping, dashing, and wielding new weapons and attacks. It looks a little something like this:

Adventures of Pip is slated for a January release on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 in addition to its initially targeted platforms of PC, Mac and Wii U.