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Ex-WayForward staff announce charming platformer Adventures of Pip

Start as a pixel and evolve into a detailed sprite.

Retro platformer Adventures of Pip's most novel innovation is purely cosmetic, but that doesn't stop it from being wonderful. Protagonist Pip starts out as a single pixel, but as you vanquish foes and level up, he become rendered in higher and higher resolutions.

Stacking pets... now THAT's efficiency!

See, the charming premise begins with an evil queen stealing all of the kingdom's pixels, rendering its resident as little more than lowly dots. Thus it's up to you to slay monsters, explore hazardous fantasy environments and turn into the best, most handsomest and well-rendered hero you can be in order to conquer this pixel-happy villain.

By acquiring more pixels, you'll not only look cooler, but be able to evolve your abilities and gain maneuvers like dashing, double jumping, wielding new weapons, and powerful combo attacks.

It may not be earth shattering stuff, but it looks fun and developer TicTocGames has a high pedigree with the project being headed by ex-WayForward staffer Shereef Morse, who brought along the art director of A Boy and His Blob and BloodRayne: Betrayal, Marc Gomez.

Adventures of Pip began as a mobile title, but the project quickly grew in scope and ambition, so the developer decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to bring it to consoles. Currently announced platforms include Xbox One, Wii U, PC and Mac.

Early adopters can reserve the game upon its estimated November release for $10, although the price will increase to $15 once that tier is filled up. Splurging for a little extra can get you a digital soundtrack, digital art book, and eventually early beta access if you're willing to part with $60.

So far Adventures of Pip's Kickstarter has raised $15,079 towards its $90K goal, although it just launched on Monday. It still has 26 days to go before its 4th June deadline.

A late game boss perhaps? Pip's looking pretty snazzy.

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