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3DS system update adds themes, image share tool

Basic designs cost 89p, or decorate with Nintendo characters for £1.79.

Nintendo's latest 3DS firmware update has added the ability to customise your handheld with themes.

Six basic coloured themes are available for free, or you can download more from the new Theme Shop. Simple designs cost 89p, or you can purchase themes featuring Nintendo characters for £1.79.

Currently there are only a small number available, including a few classic Mario designs and one inspired by Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Each also brings with it a new desktop theme tune - for example, a Super Mushroom theme includes the Toad House music from recent Mario games.

The Japanese version of the theme shop looks to have a few more available, including a couple of Animal Crossing designs.

As well as a general tidy of the overall 3DS desktop, today's update also brings to the desktop a handy image upload tool to share screenshots directly to Twitter and Facebook.

Sign in with your details and you can post to both social networks directly from your handheld's home screen.

See how it all works in the images below.

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