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Zelda's browser-based fan remake shut down by Nintendo

Devs will re-release it without Nintendo assets.

Earlier this week a couple of hardcore Zelda fans put up a browser-based remake of the original The Legend of Zelda made with voxels to commemorate the series' 30th anniversary. Now that fan tribute has been removed due to Nintendo issuing a copyright strike.

3DS games announced for budget-priced Nintendo Selects range

3DS games such as Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Star Fox 64 3D will be re-released next month via the budget-price Nintendo Selects range.

Six 3DS titles will relaunch under the Nintendo Selects banner on 16th October - the first games for the handheld to join the scheme.

They are:

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Fans launch Kickstarter for unlicensed Zelda animated series

UPDATE: 17/07/2015 5.15pm: The Zelda anime series Kickstarter has been removed.

According to project lead Michael Patch, Nintendo never sent a cease and desist order, but it was rather backlash from other fans that convinced Patch to pull the plug.

[Editor's note: It appears that the Kickstarter campaign received a copyright strike after all. It came from Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP, a firm that's represented Nintendo in the past. This strike and Aeipathy's resignation post both went up on 15th July. We're currently investigating the order in which these went up.]

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Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses 2015 concert tour dates announced

The official Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tour returns in 2015 for a new round of performances.

Now subtitled Symphony of the Goddesses: Master Quest, 2015's updated set list includes new compositions and old favourites.

Among the new additions are musical and visual excerpts from 3DS adventure The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and the upcoming Majora's Mask 3D remake.

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FeatureDevelopers' Games of 2013

CD Projekt! Blow! Bithell! Molyneux! More!

We've had our say on 2013's best video games. And so have you. Now, it's the turn of the developers, the makers of the virtual experiences we so love. Read on for the games of 2013 according to the creators of the likes of Super Meat Boy, Assassin's Creed 4, XCOM, Oculus Rift and more, complete with Twitter bios.

Majora's Mask revival teased in New Smash Bros. Assist Trophy

Note its easter egg in A Link Between Worlds too.

For years Zelda fans have been clamouring for a Majora's Mask remake, especially since we've recently seen remakes of Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker, yet Nintendo has never acknowledged if it's working on reviving the property. Unfortunately, that's still the case, but the Kyoto-based company has added its latest tease to the mix.

Xbox One outsells Xbox 360 two-to-one in UK launch

Xbox One outsells Xbox 360 two-to-one in UK launch

UPDATE: Sold around 150,000, report claims.

UPDATE: Xbox One sold around 150,000 in the UK during its launch, according to a report by MCV.

The Xbox 360 sold 70,000 units during its launch eight years ago.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Xbox One outsold the Xbox 360 two-to-one in the UK when you compare both console's launch periods.

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Miyamoto initially rejected A Link Between Worlds' pitch

"This sounds like an idea that's 20 years old."

The upcoming 3DS Zelda adventure, A Link Between Worlds, is getting mass critical acclaim ahead of its Friday release, but behind the scenes it actually went through a troubled development with series creator Shigeru Miyamoto completely dismissing the game when its developers first showed the legendary designer their prototype.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds review

Back in the early 90s, I swear it took me at least a month of focused effort to work my way through The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. And what a month I had. A month of navigating Hyrule and its dark twin, of pulling swords from stones, of collecting bottles - nabbing the last one from that guy sleeping under the bridge - and of sticking it to hideous fiends in a pyrotechnic tennis match. The Triforce was eventually united and ancient evil was sealed away, but at what cost? I'd missed four whole weeks of Clarissa explaining it all.

By contrast, I blasted through A Link Between Worlds in two or three days. This isn't that surprising really: it's a shorter, swifter game for starters, but I've also come to understand the way Zelda works over the years. I've learnt the lessons of Link to the Past.

As has A Link Between Worlds. In fact, it's learnt them pretty thoroughly.

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Zelda producer "fired up" by changing the formula

"Why does it have to be traditional?" asks Eiji Aonuma

Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has dismissed reports that he is "tired" of the venerable Nintendo franchise, and in doing so has offered his own vision of how the series should change and grow.

A Link Between Worlds set for November 22nd release

And new Zelda opens up the series' traditional dungeon structure.

A Link Between Worlds, the spiritual successor to the SNES classic Link to the Past, has been set for release on November 22nd for the Nintendo 3DS - and its new dungeon system has been explained for the first time.

Nintendo announces line-up for Eurogamer Expo

EGXNintendo announces line-up for Eurogamer Expo

Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2, DKC, Wind Waker HD and many more.

Nintendo is the latest platform holder to announce its line-up for this year's Eurogamer Expo, promising visitors the opportunity to go hands-on with the likes of Super Mario 3D World and Bayonetta 2 on Wii U, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on 3DS and a host of indie titles for both consoles.

Our sister site Nintendo Life is also collaborating with Nintendo to run a StreetPass Zone where attendees can top up their StreetPass hits - good news for Mr Mendel and his bloody garden - and take part in 3DS tournament challenges for Star Fox 64 3D, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate.

Visitors to Nintendo's stand at the Expo can also pose for photos with Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Link and Pikachu, who are taking time off from their congressional obligations to press the flesh with their constituents.

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Nintendo names Zelda: The Wind Waker HD release date

Nintendo names Zelda: The Wind Waker HD release date

UPDATE: Releasing the same day in North America.

UPDATE: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD has been confirmed for a North American release also on 4th October, so we can all celebrate together. (Thanks, GoNintendo.)

Original Story: GameCube remake The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD will be released in Europe on 4th October, Nintendo has announced in a just-finished presentation.

The company also announced a free Animal Crossing Plaza app for Wii U. It's a New Leaf-themed version of the console's home plaza where players can chat to its anthropomorphic characters and share Miiverse posts. The download is available now.

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3DS Zelda gets official title

A Link Between Worlds also gets new trailer.

Nintendo's 3DS Zelda game, a spiritual successor to the SNES classic Link to the Past, has got a new title and a new trailer.

A Link to the Past 2 will have a dark world

This is truly Hyrule's darkest timeline.

In a not entirely surprising move the 3DS sequel to the seminal 1991 classic Zelda: A Link to the Past will feature a light and dark world, as its predecessor debuted all those years ago.