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Leaked Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer reveals zombies mode

UPDATE: Dev acknowledges leak: "Nothing I can do about it now."

UPDATE 31/10/204 8pm: Sledgehammer Games studio head Glen Schofield has acknowledged the leak with the following tweet: "Nothing I can do about it now. But yeah it sucks. Imagine you're playing and this comes up- you'd be psyched up, right?"

This sounds about as close to confirmation as you can get without it actually being an official confirmation. So everybody try to act surprised when the Zombie Mode is officially announced, okay? These devs worked hard on this.

ORIGINAL STORY 31/10/204 8.05am: It looks like Sledgehammer Games' first-person shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will include a zombies mode after all - if a leaked CGI trailer is to be believed.

The trailer was linked to on a Reddit thread, but immediately taken down. It's since cropped up on several other video hosting services and YouTube pages where it's disappearing faster than a zombie virus spreads.

Having watched it before it was removed, I can verify that it certainly looks a lot like a zombie mode for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It showed some EXO-suited soldiers evacuating a zombie infested penitentiary. The whole thing is shot in first-person, bringing to mind Activision's popular FPS series.

We've asked Activision about this, but have yet to hear back. Perhaps it will be an unlockable bonus? It's certainly strange we haven't heard anything about it with the game coming out next week on 4th November - or 3rd November for folks who pre-order.

Call of Duty's zombies mode began life in Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War, in which it was known as Nazi Zombies. But since then it's become one of the series' most popular modes, returning in Treyarch's Black Ops games in a fleshed out fashion.

[Editor's note: We've since swapped out the leaked trailer for the official one released by Activision.]

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