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Shelter and Pid dev releases stop-motion shmup The Blue Flamingo

Available now for £3.99.

Shelter and Pid developer Might & Delight has released a new bite-sized shmup today called The Blue Flamingo.

Available on PC via Steam for £3.99, The Blue Flamingo's signature feature is its stop-motion animation that fills the screen with handcrafted models.

"A 32 feet long handcrafted model was built specially for the game, along with countless props and assets that were filmed and photographed," the Swedish developer explained. "The green-screened material was made into sprites and combined with the background to mesh the visual image together. Finally, all the effects, rocket flares and explosions were created using firecrackers and other pyrotechnics. Strings with magnets pulling cars, small lighted miniature trains and shiny animated cloth are all details in the process behind The Blue Flamingo world."

Another unique feature of The Blue Flamingo is an unusual economics-based system where you can spend your money on upgrades to easier attain a higher score, or not spend it and turn your banked lucre into an interest-based bonus added to your completion of each stage.

The Blue Flamingo also sets itself apart from other shmups with its jazzy acoustic soundtrack. "We wanted the sensation of hand crafted design to influence the entire game experience," the developer stated. "Because of that, the sound effects and music score were also created using analog instruments and tools. It helps to make the game feel coherent and meshes the different parts together."

Take a gander at The Blue Flamingo's tactile wonder in its launch trailer below.

Might & Delight is currently developing Shelter 2, an open-world adventure about a mother lynx dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a feline parent out in the wild.

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