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It took just two days for This War of Mine to make its money back

Less than 11 per cent of players managed to see the end of war.

It took 11 Bit Studios' This War of Mine, described by Eurogamer's Martin Robinson as "The Sims by way of 90s Sarajevo", just two days of sales to cover the cost of development.

The game has been in or around Steam's top sellers list since it launched on 14th November.

Unlike many other war games, This War of Mine tasks you with babysitting survivors of an unnamed war.

Another interesting statistic released by 11 Bit today: less than 11 per cent of players managed to see the end of war.

"Of course we're happy with commercial success, but most of all we are happy with great feedback from gamers and from reviewers," senior writer Pawel Miechowski told Eurogamer.

"Games are all around us since decades so the creators and community perceive them as natural/popular form of storytelling. And so you could see it in Papers, Please or Gods Will Be Watching - these are games that tackle really well with serious topics through their fantastic gameplay. And we had the feeling we were making this experience in a right way.

"But that doesn't mean we were sure This War of Mine would be commercially and critically acclaimed. Not at all. You never know how eventually a game will do when released. So now we're very happy to see so many supportive words from the community, especially if you consider that This War of Mine is a serious experience."

Meanwhile, This War of Mine has received its first update.

There are three new tracks from Polish punk band Cool Kids of Death, new character setups, new animations and a raft of bug fixes for the war-time survival game.

Here are the patch notes:

Features and tweaks:

  • A new radio station, featuring the music by Cool Kids of Death.
  • Unlocked two additional dweller setups on higher playthroughs.
  • Graphical improvements on various locations. 
  • Minor changes in French, German and English localizations. 
  • Minor animation improvements.

Fixes and balancing:

  • Fixed "Input Not Supported" bug on Windows. 
  • Changed fullscreen mode handling on Windows. 
  • Improved game stability based on crashdumps sent by players. 
  • "Aggro bug" fix. NPCs should no longer attack or flee without reason. 
  • Fixed broken trade. NPCs should no longer trade their entire stock for one item (Marketplace, Garage). 
  • Price changes now have an impact also on selling items to NPCs. 
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to prevent items from getting stolen during night attacks. 
  • Fixed a bug with getting stuck with only one initial dweller group.
  • Fixed a bug with visible gendertag in shelter description. 
  • All achievements can now be unlocked.

So what's next for This War of Mine?

"We're thinking on how to substantially expand the experience of This War of Mine so I hope to share details soon in December," Miechowski continued. "Also, engine programmers Rafal Podkowinski and Robert Przygoda are starting to work on tablet version planned for sometime in 2015."

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