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Video: Join us and play Mario Kart 8's DLC from 5pm GMT

Zelda! F-Zero! Excitebike! Link on a bike!

Happy Mario Kart 8 DLC day, Nintendo fans! The game's first parcel of new tracks, karts and characters has arrived.

Starting at 5pm UK time, Eurogamer YouTube editor Ian Higton and I will be going head to head on all eight of the new tracks.

Included in the DLC pack are the new Legend of Zelda-themed Hyrule Circuit, F-Zero-themed Mute City and Excitebike Arena.

We'll also be trying out the newly-remastered Yoshi Circuit, Wario's Gold Mine and SNES Rainbow Road.

And you can join in too! Just send a Wii U friend request to Ian's profile - Higtown32. We'll fill a lobby with as many people as possible when we start playing.

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