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Brianna Wu's next game aims to "replace Twine"

"Our goal is to empower everyone out there to tell their own stories."

Revolution 60 developer Brianna Wu has teased her next project, a visual novel of sorts with an emphasis on user-generated content.

Revolution 60, the first effort by Giant Spacekat.

The pitch for this upcoming game, conceived by Wu's colleague and creative director on the project, Anna Megill, is to "create an entirely new category of interactive novel you can play on your tablet or phone. It will be visual, it will interactive, and it will allow the reader to decide where the story goes."

Prior to this, Megill worked as a writer on such titles as Murdered: Soul Suspect and Guild Wars 2.

"One of Anna's more exciting ideas is to, 'Unleash the power of the fangirl,' Wu wrote on her blog. "If you look at the communities that surround novels, they are amazingly passionate and involved. GSX plans to dedicate an entire department to listening to our fans, who will help decide the path of the novel as it's released."

Giant Spacekat's next project won't just be a linear narrative where the audience votes on what they want to happen though. It will be far more interactive than that and almost sounds more like a game engine that will help would be developers craft their own stories.

"GSX wants to release tools to let all of you write and release your own visual story content," Wu explained. "Our goal is to empower everyone out there to tell their own stories, and unleash a new wave of games from people of colour, members of the GLBT community, people with disabilities. Our long-term goal is to replace Twine."

That's quite the ambition. Based on Wu's cryptic description it sounds a bit like a low-budget digital novel-esque spin on what LittleBigPlanet attempted with platformers (and then other genres in sequels) back in the day.

Care to join a project like this? Because Giant Spacekat is hiring.

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