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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has pre-order DLC and platform-exclusive levels

PlayStation, Steam and Xbox-specific levels detailed.

Twin-stick arcade shooter threequel Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions includes pre-order DLC and platform-exclusive levels for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The game will launch via Steam on 25th November, and then for PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 26th November.

Pre-purchase the game via Steam for £11.99 and you get two bonus levels - the triangle-shaped Secret Eye and the doughnut-shaped Blood Count.

On Xbox One you can pre-order for £13.99 and get Blood Count free.

There's no pre-order option available for Xbox 360 owners - so instead Blood Count is available for those who purchase the game between 26th November and 2nd December.

Additionally, Xbox 360 and Xbox One copies include the exclusive cube-shaped Titan Box level, which is coloured Xbox green.

On PS3 and PS4 you can pre-order for the Secret Eye level.

Both Sony console versions also contain the exclusive Symbolic level, where enemies spawn in clusters shaped like the PlayStation controller buttons.

Geometry Wars 3 includes the same gameplay as earlier entries in the series, although now spread over rotating 3D environments.

Take a look at how it plays in the new gameplay video below.

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