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Archon Mode revealed for Legacy of the Void

New multiplayer mode for StarCraft 2 will allow cooperative competitive play.

Legacy of the Void, the third episode of StarCraft 2's story, will introduce a brand-new way to play the game called Archon Mode.

Archon Mode allows two players to work together in order to control a single base and army. The intention is to provide both a new twist on the game's competitive multiplayer component, and also allow less experienced players to enjoy the heat of battle with a little extra guidance. There'll be new multiplayer units for all three of StarCraft 2's races as well.

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If you've not yet got around to playing through either Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm, the previous StarCraft 2 episodes, then have no fear. Legacy of the Void will be released as a standalone title, and won't require the previous two games to play.

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