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Goblins vs Gnomes expansion revealed for Hearthstone

120 new cards to be added to the game next month.

Hearthstone's first expansion pack, Goblins vs Gnomes, has been announced at Blizzard's annual fan convention in Los Angeles this evening.

The expansion will be released next month and introduce more than 120 new cards to the game, all of which are themed around the mechanical inventions of the competing Horde and Alliance factions.

Two new cards were mentioned during Production Director Jason Cheyes' presentation at Blizzcon's opening ceremony: Explosive Sheep - which may perhaps be a variation on the existing Polymorph spell - and the Annoy-o-Tron. Expect plenty of random effects to disrupt the status quo of Hearthstone's metagame.

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As for how you can get your hands on the new cards, you'll be able to earn them by competing in Hearthstone's Arena mode, or by purchasing them using real money or in-game gold. Expect more details on the pricing in the coming weeks.

Following the release of Hearthstone for iPad back in April, Blizzard has also announced that the game will be released for Android tablets in December. There were no further announcements for the iPhone version of the game, expected at some point in 2015.

More details regarding Goblins vs Gnomes will be revealed at Hearthstone's Fireside Chat panel, due to commence at 11.30pm UK time tonight. We'll bring you all the details of the new expansion as they're announced at the show.