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New Mirror's Edge world record speed run sure is dizzying

Races through the adventure in 34.11.

A new Mirror's Edge world record has been set for speedrunning DICE's first-person parkour game.

Coming in at 34.11 without loading and 36.41 with, Twitch user Requiem720 has bolted through the ivory adventure in a truly astounding run that bests the previous any per cent record of 35.02 without loading time.

Watch live video from Requiem720 on Twitch

Requiem720 may be the best there is at this, but they're still not satisfied with this time and plans to best their own record at it. "Will stream again tomorrow and see if I can sub 36," the runner said on their Twitch channel.

Mirror's Edge will be six years old next week, but it still looks great. A sequel is in the works for an unspecified future and an early build of it was shown off during EA's E3 press conference back in June.

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