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Asymmetrical first-person horror game The Flock reveals new gameplay

Currently in closed alpha, sign up now.

Dutch studio Vogelsap has revealed a new trailer for its spooky asymmetrical first-person multiplayer game The Flock in order to commemorate its new closed alpha.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Flock - Closed Alpha Trailer

We've covered The Flock before a couple of times, but the game has come quite a long way since we last saw it. But first, the premise for the uninitiated:

Three to five players begin a game all playing as the same ferocious breed of monsters called The Flock. Each player is tasked with gathering a Light Artifact that operates as both the game's only weapon and a flashlight. When holding it, you turn into a more humanoid being called the Carrier and you walk much slower, but its beam can be used to evaporate other players. Whoever can wield the Light Artifact for a certain period of time first wins the round.

It gets a bit deeper than that, as the Flock are immune to the light so long as they stand still. As such, players will operate a bit like the fan-favourite Doctor Who nemesis the Weeping Angels, as they freeze when in view of their prey, then pounce on them when they've got their backs turned.

One new addition is that the Carrier now has a motion tracker on the Light Artifact, so if they stop moving for too long it turns off. As such, they won't be able to just camp in a corner and wait out the clock. Another motive to keep the Carrier moving is the addition of optional objectives, like directing light on randomly spawned cores that will help you accumulate points faster - i.e. speeding up the clock.

The Flock's closed alpha is PC-only, though the full game will be released on Mac and Linux as well. The alpha is a weekend-only affair and will be running for at least two more weekends. You can sign up for it here.

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