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Asymmetrical mutliplayer horrorshow The Flock reveals its first gameplay footage

Coming to Steam, no Greenlight necessary.

Asymmetrical mutliplayer horror game The Flock has revealed its first gameplay footage in its debut trailer below.

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I've written about The Flock before, but for those who missed out on it, here's a recap: The Flock puts three to five players in the role of agile alien creatures called The Flock and the goal is to hold onto a glowing artifact for as long as possible. The catch is when you're holding said artifact, it transforms you into a more vulnerable humanoid figure called the Carrier. The Carrier emits a beam of light in the direction they're facing and The Flock is vulnerable to that light. So The Carrier must nervously look about the craggy, dank environments to shine light upon their foes, lest they be pounced upon. Oh, and The Flock have Tanuki Mario's slick power of turning into stone to trade mobility for invulnerability.

It sounds pretty intense and has earned the praise of such noteworthy developers as Vlambeer and Suda 51. More importantly, Valve thinks it's something special and has allowed the independent dutch developer, Vogelsap, to bring The Flock to Steam without having to go through the Greenlight voting process. Not too shabby for a game that began as a three month school project by six students.

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